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Founder, Lead designer
Marieux van den broek

Marieux Van Den Broek is not simply an architect; he is better described as a dream maker, and a composer of interiors. His designs are emotional, compelling, mysterious, and dreamy.

Born and raised in The Netherlands; he always had a deep passion for design and architecture, and wanted to push the boundaries of what was traditionally expected in these fields. Marieux's reputation soon grew beyond the borders of his native Netherlands - where his headoffice still remains - as he opened an office in Monaco, where he settled and integrated into the local culture for 14 prosperous years. He also opened another flourishing office in Qatar, and has now inaugurated his newest office in Dubai, cementing his international status as a leader in the architecture and interior design world.

Designing is not just a job, it's a passion that gives me wings

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My legacy lives on with Treasures, where we create beauty and manifest dreams, leaving our clients spellbound

Marieux creates pieces that transcend time and space. His designs are known to leave an indelible mark on the world of luxury; from majestic mansions nestled in the French Riviera, to lavish chalets in Courchevel and luxurious palaces in the Middle East, his all-encompassing designs are realised around the entire globe.

His motto is simple, yet powerful: "In anyone's life, it turns around service, quality, and to do what you promise." It is a motto he has lived by both in his professional and personal life. Marieux Van Den Broek cares about people, wanting to create experiences that make them genuinely happy. Marieux is a man of experience who believes that evolution is about learning, not copying. He loves travelling to different cities and embracing their distinct flavours, tastes, and smells, finding inspiration in their art and architecture.

His philosophy is what makes him a successful designer of his time. Marieux is passionate about getting to know his clients: their life, journey, likes and dislikes, as well as their hopes and dreams. It’s only by understanding them on a deep level that he can create a space that truly reflects their personalities. For him, each client has their own "melody" and he is the composer, putting together an orchestra of designers and craftsmen to bring that melody to life.

Another one of his core beliefs is that beauty and function go hand in hand. A space can be visually stunning yet lack comfort which makes it vain. Marieux pays attention to the smallest details, ensuring that every piece of furniture and every accent is carefully selected and placed to create a harmonious whole. Top interior designers Dubai

Surrounded by a team of professionals who can rise to any challenge, Marieux is always looking for the next project, the next challenge. His approach is unique, and his philosophy inspiring. He believes that beauty is not just about the physical appearance of things but about the experiences they create.

Designing has never been a job for Marieux; it’s a passion that gives him wings. The act of creating beauty from nothing and manifesting people’s dreams drives him. His legacy lives on with Treasures, a symbol of luxury, opulence, and a dreamy escape for people who see to realise their own dream. Marieux Van Den Broek keeps making a lasting mark on the world of architecture with his one-of-a-kind works of art.

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Core values

We at Treasures International believe that success comes from following a set of principles that become core values. The years of experience, art, and workmanship that the creator of dreams, Marieux Van Den Broek, bestowed upon us have shaped our approach to design and guided us in delivering exceptional projects to each of our clients.

Treasures International is built upon three key values: quality, service, and keeping our promises. These values are deeply embedded in every design process, ensuring that everything we create reflects our commitment to excellence.


Quality is the cornerstone of our brand. Treasures International’s teams are known for their attention to detail, masterful craftsmanship, and exclusive use of the finest materials. From raw sketches to the final execution, we strive for perfection in every aspect of our work.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering as it guides every step of our decision-making process. We maintain high standards, always challenging ourselves to improve our skills. At Treasure International, we don’t just build projects; we sculpt dreams into reality, forging bespoke creations that radiate happiness in the lives of our valued clients.


Treasure International is dedicated to providing a high-end service. We understand that for a design to be exceptional, it needs to reflect our customer's specific needs and cater to their unique experiences. From the moment we meet with our customer, we strive to provide the utmost professionalism and attentiveness. Through open and transparent communication, we get to know our client, as well as their story, hopes, and desires. Our teams go above and beyond, collaborating together to seamlessly execute our clients’ vision.

Keeping our promise

Keeping our promise and staying true to our word is the backbone of Treasures International's reputation. Successful designs require intimacy, respect, and trust, values that we embrace with a zealous passion. When we commit to our clients, we stand by them; every action we take to complete a project reflects our promise. Treasure International strives to build long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect, credibility, and satisfaction of our clients. Our designs are the symphony and our promise is the harmony that makes our legacy echo through the ages.

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Process of work story

Embarking on a journey fuelled by boundless imagination, Treasures International adopts a meticulous process to bring dreams to life. From client request to the spellbinding end result, our team of visionaries, designers, and craftsmen merge artistry with functionality, moulding spaces with elegance, surprise, and a touch of eccentricity. Through dedication and passion, we strive to deliver spaces that tell a captivating story.

Client Request


Every project starts with the client request. Meetings and brainstorm sessions that include careful observation and active listening to understand the client's needs and preferences for the project. Treasures International focuses on getting to know the client by asking them questions that highlight their character, preferences, and desired outcome. We present the client with different design directions to stimulate their imagination and encourage them to think outside the box. We don’t believe in putting constraints and limits during brainstorming sessions to allow a full-on discussion and explore infinite ideas and possibilities This phase fascinates Marieux Van Den Broek the most as it signifies the birth of a new interior.

1st process

Raw sketch


During the raw sketch phase, we translate initial concepts from the brainstorming session and focus on capturing the essence of the discussions held in the previous phase and turning them into raw sketches. During this phase, no key elements or design features emerge, instead we determine the overall layout and composition of the space. Different principles such as logistics, where the light is needed, where the light will come from, routing, and focal points are established. The raw sketch phase is not solely about the design itself but about creating a cohesive and functional space. The client’s comments are crucial as the sketches evolve over time. Their suggestions put the designer in the right direction, allowing for an interactive process of refining the sketches so they align with the client’s expectations.

2nd process

Detail sketch


During the detail sketch phase, we take the initial rough sketches with the input and comments that the client gave in the previous phase and turn them into more intricate and precise drawings. At this stage, some design elements and details such as colors and moods become important. During this phase, there are no more interactions with the client; any challenges or edits that may arise have already been addressed and resolved in the previous stages, leading to a more streamlined progression towards the final design.

3rd process

Engineering phase

Product sourcing

During the engineering phase, several technical requirements are considered since every project possesses a different approach. Treasures International collects as much information as possible to know if any of the incorporated technical details need to be sourced beforehand. We make sure that every design is structurally sound and meets all safety standards. While furniture items generally have basic safety considerations, for more complex elements like the statue produced for the Vendome project, partnerships with experts who can perform extensive calculations are essential to guarantee safety.

The engineering phase often encounters unexpected roadblocks, but our design team always finds a way to get over any obstacle. Collaboration with other professionals, such as engineers or contractors, is vital to this phase. Working alongside these professionals allows for a comprehensive assessment of the design's feasibility, implementation, and adherence to engineering principles.

4th process

Technical drawings

Technical drawings

The technical drawings phase is where the project shifts from an abstract dream to a concrete reality. Various approaches are taken to communicate the design vision to the team. For furniture items, meticulous detailing is done in AutoCAD, including visuals and, if necessary, full 3D models. This allows for a clear representation of each item and facilitates the production process. When it comes to construction works involving contractors, everything is detailed in CAD with a preference for working in a single drawing to ensure connectivity between elements. However, due to the complexity and volume of details, projects are often divided into separate floors.

The level of detail in the technical drawings is tailored to the specific requirements. For years, Treasures International has worked with production partners who understand our demands, meaning even if we give them a simple drawing, they can efficiently deliver, speeding up the production phase. We create technical drawings with utmost precision and attention to detail for local contractors. Still, challenges can arise, particularly when working with rounded or organic shapes so we use a 3D model to overcome these complexities. For the technical drawings to match the final design, we keep references of the design close at all times and use the 3D model from the design drawings as a foundation for the accuracy and alignment of the technical drawings.

5th process



During the production phase, material selection and component sourcing begin with careful consideration of the color scheme established for the project. Each item is meticulously detailed, and materials are chosen to align with the design vision. In addition to the standard materials, we give special attention to unique or custom elements that require specific treatments or inlays, such as decorated glass, acrylic, real mother of pearl, or even polished stainless-steel strips. Treasures International applies thorough quality control measures throughout production, starting with check-ups before the finishing stage to address any necessary adjustments. Another round of inspection happens before items are packed to ensure that everything is perfect. Our supreme attention to detail ensures that the final product reflects the design vision and technical drawings from the early development stages.

6th process



During the installation phase, in-depth preparation and careful consideration of logistics are crucial. Before the installation, Treasures International establishes a comprehensive plan to ensure a smooth process. When unexpected challenges or issues arise, the team strives to be prepared by having additional pieces of fabric readily available on-site. Collaboration with other professionals, such as contractors or electricians, is essential. However, to maintain the integrity of the delicate materials used, only our team members are allowed to work directly on-site. Contractors, electricians, and plumbers are supervised and permitted to perform their tasks under the team's guidance after the necessary protection measures are implemented. Safety is a priority throughout the entire project, with considerations and standards already incorporated into the design development. During the installation phase, it is essential to adhere to these safety measures and conduct thorough checks, especially for items with potential risks, to ensure the final installation is safe and meets all necessary standards.

7th process

End result

End result

During the end result, we aim for the final product to align closely with the original design vision and fulfil the client's needs. However, it is important to acknowledge that there may be some variations between the initial designs and the outcome. Our contracts often include clauses stating that designs and renders can differ from reality, allowing for reasonable deviations. While every project may have its imperfections, they also have moments of delightful surprises and exquisite outcomes. Although perfection may be elusive, successfully creating and realizing the client's dream signifies a triumph in our mission at Treasures International.

8th process
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